Represent Editorial

As a Latina in the overwhelmingly white publishing world, Tacoma-based editor and writer Jesica Hanley Vega knows that representation matters.

That’s why she is dedicated to supporting writers of color, as well as writers from other unrepresented communities, harness the power of language and raise their voices.

So, whether you’re writing memoir, creative non-fiction, self-help, or even  standard operating procedural manuals, Jesi’s not only your collaborator, she’s your champion, and a passionate advocate for new voices and new stories that must be heard.

Your voice is needed.  Contact Jesi now.

What her clients say:

Jesi is a thorough and effective editor who immerses herself deeply in a manuscript until she knows it at least as well as the writer, in some ways better. Her suggestions are pragmatic and creative and she has become much more than my editor, she’s become like a coach — guiding and encouraging me when I feel lost and directionless. I feel so lucky to have found her.
Julie V, Psychologist, Author

A perceptive reader, Jesi understands the deeper story I’m trying to tell, and she knows the right questions to ask to help me tell it more clearly. She provides guidance and support in the often frustrating rewrite process.  I love her passion and her dedication to helping me do my best work. She knows how to nurture my creativity while holding me to a higher standard. Overall, I couldn’t ask for a better ally for my craft, my clarity and my growth as a writer than Jesi Hanley Vega.         
Sean H, Screenwriter