Group Coaching

Group coaching sessions are a way for Writers of Color to drop-in for support and insight, as well as experience personal connections and camaraderie with other writers.

Coaching sessions address the issues that all writers face, such as making time to write, getting past writer’s block, and balancing creative work with personal and professional life. They also address the risks writers are taking, or would like to take, to represent themselves honestly as people of color: whether through the topics, voices, or beliefs expressed in their work.

Once our work is out in the world, it’s consumed by readers and listeners of all kinds. However, I’ve found that developing that work in a mixed group often makes it more difficult for Writers of Color to find their authentic voices. By providing a space exclusively for Writers of Color, these coaching sessions provide an opportunity to experiment and take creative and personal risks, without the emotional labor of writing alongside white-identified writers, especially when it comes to issues of racial identity and experience.

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